The Mocking Birds by Daisy Whitney

Alex goes to Themis Academy, an upscale boarding school.  Everything is always perfect at Themis; at least that’s what those at the academy think.  Students are held to very high standards and it is unacceptable even unthinkable to have problems at Themis.

After drinking too much and waking up in the room of a boy she barely knows, Alex feels very guilty and is ashamed.  She knows that she can’t go to the academy.  Alex’s roommates convince her to take her case to the Mockingbirds, a secret society that is dedicated to righting the wrongs of their fellow peers.  Alex’s rapist, Carter, is a very popular water polo athlete at Themis.  He and his friends begin to tease her making matters so bad that she won’t go into the cafeteria anymore.

Alex is scared and knows she has to do something but is it worth her pain and the trouble that will follow if she seeks help from the Mockingbirds?  Read this book to find out if Alex’s bravery will equal justice.


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