Welcome to our blog devoted to our most favorite subject… books! On this blog we will review and recommend amazing books for kids and teens! We hope you enjoy everything you read here… and then go find it at your library or the nearest book store! As teachers of middle school students we have lots of experience picking out books kids like. We also have our masters degrees in education, so we have all that professional knowledge too. So, take a look around and find something you like, and then, GET READING!

This blog was created so that we (Mrs. Zieba and Mrs. Lindauer) could share some of the newest, most exciting books, along with some of our classic favorites. We hope you enjoy our blog and the titles we recommend. But before you look around, here is a little bit of information about us!

Hi! I’m Mrs. Zieba! I have been teaching 6th graders reading for the past 5 years and also taught 5th grade for one year and high school special education for one year. Books are my most favorite thing ever (even more than ice cream!) and that is part of the reason I think I have the best job ever. My favorite book genres are fantasy, historical fiction and novels in verse. My favorite authors are Jennifer Donnelly and Maggie Stiefvater. My favorite reading experience has definitely been enjoying the entire Harry Potter Series (several times!). On a professional note, I earned my BS Education degree at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and my Masters Education degree at Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. I have a personal goal of reading 1,000 books in my lifetime and keep a running list! I also would love to publish a book of my own someday.

Hello, I’m Mrs. Lindauer! I teach 6th Grade English at the Tomah Middle School and Children’s Literature Classes at Viterbo University and Concordia University in Wisconsin.  I earned my BS in Elementary Education at  UW La Crosse and my Masters in Educational Administration at UW Madison.  Reading is my passion and I love to share great books!!!  So many books…so little time.  A few of my favorite authors are Margaret Peterson Haddix, Lois Lowry, and James Patterson.  My favorite genre is realistic fiction, but I love a good mystery too!  My favorite thing about reading (besides actually reading) is book talks!!  I love to share what I have read, as well as hear what others are reading, so please post your favorites!!!!


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